In August 2012 they released a debut album "Gonzotown: Prologue – The end of Morales". 

"The conceptual album tells the story of the young man Morales who finds himself stuck in Gonzotown. With no recollection of how he got there and how he’s supposed to get away, Morales stumbles unto the streets of Gonzotown to find his sanity, his way home and a deeper understanding of the disturbing place, Gonzotown. 

Placed somewhere on the american continent, Gonzotown, is only known by the few who have been lucky enough to escape. 

This is only the very first story of existence, malice, love, hate, joy and insanity in Gonzotown." (gonzomorales.com)

Gonzo Morales debut record, which you can DOWNLOAD FOR FREE - THE WHOLE CD - from the webside gonzomorales.com , is a dose of PURE rock in its best. 

It's good to know that there are still bands that can (without any unnecessary weirdness and too many pointless modifications) create convincing, interesting compositions and in addition - they can tell a story through the music. The sound with connotations to Queens Of The Stone Age, but also Alice In Chains and in general - kind of Seattle sound (at least for me). I can't really explain it, but they have something in their music, something... Gonzo Morales just truly know what rock is about and they share it in a great way!

Take a listen to their music!

Official webside

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