ANE TROLLE - "Honest Wall" [LISTEN TO IT!]


Ane Trolle. A vocalist that first comes to my mind because of her vocal appearance in Trentemoller's "Moan".

Ane Trolle. An artist that worked with a lot of different Danish musicians in a lot of different projects (for example with Maria Timm - as a duo 100 Years Ago).

Ane Trolle. A Dane that finally decided to release her debut album as a solo artist - "Honest Wall".

According to Ane Trolle: "Honest Wall is about Passion, curiosity and the importance of letting this passion be the key factor in life” (Ane Trolle Facebook)

The single "Honest Wall" is a bit leisurely, but in a way that entails the listener. You want to come back to this song. 


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