Girls from Nelson Can attacked again! This time with their new single "Attack". I surrender. I totally and completely surrender to them. Because they know what they do, because they have "the claw", which isn't a fake tips, because they have THE style. 

We suppose it doesn't happen so often, that a band which has released only one EP already created their brandmark. In case of Nelson Can it's the characteristic sound of the bass. You won't mistake it for any other.  

"Attack" is catchy and stays in your head after the very first listen - as a good rock song should do. Thumbs up for the girls for great using of the a capella singing at the end of the song - classic move well-thought. 

The video clip below is the first of 2 that will come up to "Attack" song. We're looking forward for more!

Let yourself get attacked by Nelson Can. Defense is unnecessary :)


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