The last Advent Sunday, the last highlight and the last contest for this year! It often happens around Christmas time that we start to remember the nice things we experienced during the passing year(s). Good Because Danish managed to experience some wonderful live shows of the band behind today's prize... so, we're very happy to give away a copy of Boho Dancer's debut album "Gemini" to one lucky winner!

Boho Dancer is an acoustic-folk trio from Copenhagen that cought us from the very beginning with their EP and live preformances. The amazing balance in their music, combined with very characteristic vocals, make the band remarkable. Their debut album "Gemini" is as well. You listen to it once and you fall into it. A mix of soft and harsh tunes and lyrics takes you to a journey through the soul and thoughts of the three artists. The same feeling of a journey catches you when you hear Boho Dancer live. It's always an unforgettable experience. 

This is how you enter today's Christmas contest:

Write a mail with the subject "Christmas Countdown: Boho Dancer" to and tell us what was the best concert you've experienced in 2013! Don't forget to also include your address into the mail. Deadline is 01 January 2014.

Listen to the single "Fictional Reasons" from Boho Dancer's album "Gemini" that can soon be yours and let yourself go on a musical journey with the band!


[Please be aware that we will first be able to send out the prizes of our Christmas Countdown in late December, early January. ]

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  1. Such a lovely song - I think I've found myself another band to gorge on!