MEW - Making Friends [LISTEN TO IT!]

If there’s a band that takes its time to make new music it’s Mew. It’s been 4 years since their last album ‘No More Stories…’ (We already know the title is long) came out. The new album is on its way and day by day we’re getting closer to it, still we don’t know many details about what’s coming next but a couple of days ago the band revealed the version I of ‘Making Friends’ which they’ve been playing during the past summer. Back then the song sounded a bit unfinished compared to the one they put up on Spotify. For those who do not have Spotify, the song will also be available for free in a week's time on

Previously, the fans got a sneak peek with the launching of the app ‘Sensory Spaces’ nevertheless the song featured there was only 2:09 minutes and the lyrics were different. The band has stated that ‘Making Friends’ is not a single, it’s just something they released to make the waiting less impatient.

So far it’s been said that the version II of ‘Making Friends’ will be in the new record. How different will it be? It remains secret. 

This one I must say, feels a bit weak during the first listen however it’s definitely a grower. After a while you start finding out more details and when you get to decipher the lyrics (click to read them here) everything starts making sense and the harmony between the instruments and Jonas’ voice takes presence creating a charming and hopeful innocent hymn

They also gave some information about their new webpage and it will be running in February, finally! Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long for some more relevant news. 

In the meantime ‘Making Friends’ is here to captivate and calm the yearning

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