Woop woop! It's pressie time! Our first contest within the Christmas Countdown is pure Rock 'n' Roll: we are more than glad to be able to give away a copy of Go Go Berlin's debut album "New Gold" to one lucky winner!

The Aarhus-based band Go Go Berlin is celebrating rock at its best by bringing back the sounds of the 1960's and reviving them for today's ears - with dedication, skills and a proper attitude. There is mostly a reason for every hype and there are many damn good reasons for the hype Go Go Berlin created around themselves in the past few months. A main factor are without doubt their intense performances, making them to one of the most interesting Danish live acts! Good because Danish had the pleasure to witness their great performance at SPOT Festival 2013 which was only one of the numberous concerts they played this year (including Roskilde Festival!). This year has been an exciting one for the guys of Go Go Berlin, now we are really looking forward to see what 2014 will bring for them!

This is how you enter today's Christmas contest: 

Write a mail with the subject "Christmas Countdown: Go Go Berlin" to and tell us what your artist name would be if you were a rockstar! Don't forget to also include your address into the mail. Deadline is 13 December 2013.

Now, get a little taste of what can soon be yours - it's even snowing in the video!

[ Please be aware that we will first be able to send out the prizes of our Christmas Countdown in late December, early January. ]


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