Schultz and Forever is, as described by singer/songwriter Jonathan Schultz himself, his “bedroom project” and already attracted some attention due to his first EP “Odd Stories” (read about it HERE). 

The second EP - “Céline” was released in Denmark on January 28 by Playground Music and will be available for the rest of the world on February 4 under Cracki Records.

Not only the lyrics, but also the voice of Jonathan Schultz on “Céline” leave an impression of someone who can look back on many life experiences and lessons learned – a nearly surreal impression considering that you listen to an artist who's 18 years old. He creates inner pictures and landscapes while still keeping some sort of individual musical simplicity. The only downside of the journey the EP takes you on might be the fact that it’s already over after about 15 minutes and you’re either forced to immediately stumble back into your own reality or keep the 5 songs on repeat until you finally feel ready to
leave again. (Honestly, I did the latter.


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