Pensive face of drum'n'bass? Is it possible at all? Z

It turns out that it is!

Bottled In England prove it with their fresh and new Architect EP, where the electronic sounds are served with super-intuition and delicacy. However, there's also something for fans of heavy beats and rhymes that you should feel a respect to.

"Architect" EP is already available to buy in Scandinavia, worldwide digital premiere will take place 
on the 15th of February 2013.

Architect EP contains four songs recorded by Bottled In England and their guests. The mini-album openes with a duo featuring Lydmor. "The Fire" combines styles of both Danish musical proects: characteristic, "rocking" BIE keys and dreamy world of sounds and vocals from Lydmor.

Than we can listen to a single "Say It Again", where Bottled In England gathered forces with Troels Abrahamsen from VETO. Also in this song you can hear the balancing on the boundries of styles of each artist involved. The track is more dynamic and more "Bottled", especially because of the drums sound. In a way it's more calm as well, but you can hear that it has a throbbing vines "under its skin".

The moment when the atmosphere changes dirasticly is a song "En Anden Ting". It's another time when we can listen to BIE song with a spectacular rap parts performed by Manky. Stong musical hit, tugging beats and a very "riot-like" vocals create a heavy whole."En Anden Ting" shows that there're no jokes with Bottled In England.

Architect EP ends up with a song that I fell in love with, when I first heard it live in May 2012 at SPOT. Festival. "It Will Be Good" with guest vocals by Maria Mortensen from Scarlet Chives is a drum'n'bass-Bjork gem. It has everything: longing, tension, riot crawling on the edge of sounds, melancholy and energy in one. 

Another EP from Bottled In England - another solid release. The only negative thing about Architect is the fact that it's "just an EP". You still feel hungry for sounds when it ends. That's why I wish Bottled In England a full-lenght album in 2013, I guess it's about time! 

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