Jens Ulrik Kleemeyer - the primary song-writer of the Danish band Green Lives - worked solo lately and released a beautiful EP. You can download it for free from his BandCamp page.

Four songs annunce Jens Ulrik Kleemeyer' debut solo album, which should be released sometime this year.  

While listening to "All Together" or "Forest Song" you can simply get under a blanket, close your eyes and dream about the warm summer days full of touching memories.

"Land" - my favorite song - makes me want to go for a winter walk and touch the whole frozen, white world out there; to get to know the texture of a frosted tree, to feel the cold of the snowflakes falling on my face. "Land" makes me want to walk, to run, to dance, to smile and to cry at the same time. Rhythmic drums, restless sounds of the keys and a delicate, kind of misty vocal awake the imagination and senses. 

On his debut solo EP, Jens Ulrik Kleemeyer created a pleasant and gently stimulating atmosphere. The Dane, that sometimes sounds like Chris Martin from Coldplay (at least in my opinion), gives you a dose of his own self closed in the music. It was nice to meet him that way, I hope it will be nice to you too to musically get to know Jens Ulrik Kleemeyer.


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