Schultz and Forever - "Odd Stories" EP

Schultz and Forever
If an seventeen-years-old guy is able to create such beautiful and mature music, than I can't imagine what he will do when he will be older. Jonathan Schultz, young Dane with the look of Harry Potter and the musical mind of Dumbledore, is a leader of a group Schultz and Forever. He can move with the music he makes. Schultz and Forever EP "Odd Stories"  contains three songs that confirm this statement.  

This week (14.05.-20.05.2012)  
EP "Odd Stories" can be download for free from Schultz and Forever BandCamp page

"New Dawn" - is like a daw in the morning. "Falling" - you can fell into this song, drawn into it and forget about the whole world. And "Marsha" - steeped in melancholy and sadness.

Vocals that touch the thinest strings of your soul, balanced guitar chords. The whole EP is a mosaic of sounds that tells the story. "Odd Stories" doesn't sound like there were three songs put together by coincidance. The whole is beautiful, just beautiful. It's as simple as this.

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