There are albums that immediately catch the attention. Hypnotize you in almost a disturbing way. That's how new Scarlet Chives album "This Is Protection" is for me. 

It's strong, solid, well-though whole. The vibrating vocals, the unstable atmosphere of the songs makes you feel constantly curious of what will come next. From the first (and in my opinion one of the best) song "Hunting" you know that something very special will happen on this record. For me it was going to a journey through... Wonderland.

"This Is Protection" is kind of like a musical labyrinth or like the world on the other side of the rabbit hole. You walk into a place where every step you take hides a mystery. Discovering it is exciting and a pure pleasure. 

Scarlet Chives made an album that contains a package of emotions turned into songs. You may not like them all. However, you will follow the "white rabbit" (that I almost saw for real while listening to the record for the first time - BTW without drinking anything with % ;) ) into a world of electronic beats mixed with some sort of folk inspirations and twisted melodies.

This album is weird. As the Wonderland. You will love it!

You can stream the whole record on Spotify:

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