I first heard NovemberDecember last year at SPOT. Festival in Aarhus. I went to their show by accident, have listened to last 3 songs and felt it has been exactly what I needed at that point of the festival. Peaceful music, calming me down and relaxing. I flew away, let myself totally lose the track of time. 

A year and a half passed and NovemberDecember still have that power to calm me down with their music. Their new single "Save Yourself" is touching. As well as the lovely video clip to it. 

And what better timing to release this beautiful song than on the verge between their name-giving months - when November is slowly ending and December about to start?

Wise lyrics, delivered in a delicate way, are coming to you on a wave of nice guitar sounds. If you feel stressed, if things go wrong, if the day is just one big nightmare - play "Save Yourself". It will be all gone. 

Official "Save Yourself":
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