BON HOMME - Daybreaker feat. Lydmor (KASPER BJØRKE Rework) [LISTEN TO IT!]

Kasper Bjørke and 1/3 of WhoMadeWho? It happened. Again! A coulpe years back Kasper Bjørke joined forces with Tomas Barfod from the Danish trio in the project Filur. Now you have a chance to see (or more - to hear) what that great Danish producer made with Bon Homme (which is also a 1/3 of WhoMadeWho) song "Daybreaker" (feat. Lydmor). The song in its original comes from Bon Homme new record "A Life Less Fancy".

As you can read - the sentences in this Saturday post are a bit long and perhaps a bit confusing... well, it's Saturday morning (after Friday night). So a chill out music with a smooth beat is highly recommended (or at least self-recommended for myself). Kasper Bjørke version of "Daybreaker" fits the time perfectly!

With a few "space is coming to get you" elements and blissful atmosphere - this version of "Daybreaker" will be a great day-starter!

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