"Rangleklods - a young guy who mixes electronic-music with singer-songwriterism in such superb way...We saw his concert and there are only two words that rightfully describes his show: MASSIVE and EPIC!" 
says nothingbuthopeandpassion.com and they are damn right!

They also know, as we on Good Because Danish got to know today, that new Rangleklods song is here!

"Control" announces an EP that will soon get to your ears. Is it a good preview? It's definitely different from what Rangleklods showed on his debut album "Beekeeper" and previous EP "Home".

More calm, very soft and delicate - "Control" takes over your senses note by note. There's no massive electronic sounds, vocals are going smoothly along with the music. 

Rangleklods shows a different face in this song. It's not only the deep male vocal and lyrics, now the female part of the music gets to speak a bit louder than before. That changes things. Maybe that's why "Control" is a bit confusing. It leaves the listener with the thought - "I want to get to know more about this new musical side of this project". 

Rangleklods is definitly exploring the wild world of sounds. Where will he (or them) go in this journey? I don't know, but I know I'll follow.


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