ALABAMA BLACK SNAKES - "Shake It Like The Lord Ain’t Watching" [REVIEWS, ID]

When I think about the Danish music scene I instantly think of indie, alternative and electronic bands. However a few days ago I came across a very different band from what I’m used to hearing coming from Denmark. Alabama Black Snakes proved me how good it is to stumble with something new and get out of my comfort zone. 

‘Shake It Like The Lord Ain’t Watching’ is their second studio album. It includes nine well accomplished tracks. In its inward you can’t expect less than jangly guitar riffs mixed with a clamorous harmonica followed by a raspy and zippy voice to give that particular touch, creating a gratifying melodious experience with their boogie rock. 

All in all, I can only suggest giving these rebels a listen, it doesn’t matter what genres you’re into. I can only guarantee that this is something you will enjoy and last but not least remember to ‘Save The Boogie’

Outstanding tracks: Well Girl, Save The Boogie, Lightnings and Opossums. 

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