LULU ROUGE - "The Song Is In The Drum || TURBOWEEKEND - "Shadow Sounds" EP [NEWS]

Today is a release day for 2 very interesting Danish albums.

LULU ROUGE - "The Sound Is In The Drum"

Fans of electronic music - here's a real treat for you - Lulu Rouge come back with new LP  "The Song Is In The Drum". On the album you can find guests like Fanney Osk from the group Kura, Asbjorn or known from previous co-operation with BUDA and T.O.M. (with the album "Bless You") - Alice Carreri and Tuco.

The first single from the LP is extraordinary song "Sign Me Out",and on the FAT BERRI'S website you can find one of the 2 compositions recorded with Asbjorn - "Smoke Through Fire".

The whole album is available to buy for example via iTunes. It will be performed live during SPOT Festival!

TURBOWEEKEND - "Shadow Sounds" EP

Recently Turboweekend played an intimate tour around Denmark. Apparently not only the audience, but also the musicians themselves liked the semi-acoustic versions of their songs so much that the idea of an EP with them came to life. Here it is - a bit more quiet, a bit more melancholic Turboweekend. "Shadow Sounds" EP can be streamed via Spotify, and live - it will be performed during this year's SPOT Festival, this weekend in Aarhus.

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