Say hi to Lizethe - our new writer, who will be sharing her love to Danish music on Good Because Danish posting for you from... Mexico! Start the journey with Liz from reading her thought about Helsinki Poetry debut album "Transport".


Two years after releasing their homonymous EP, Copenhagen based duo, Ebbe Frej and Rune Vigil are back with their first full length album in which every track will invite anyone into a journey.

As you listen to it, the album flows in a very delicate and effortless way, before you know the ride it’s over and you find yourself asking for more places to wander. 


Twelve tracks named after cities, describing and setting an atmosphere in each of them. For instance, singing about blue dreams in ‘Miami’ and cherry blossoms in ‘Tokyo’ a sleepless ‘New York’ and city lights in ‘Saigon’. 

The first instrumental intermezzo (out of three) comes after ‘Le Mans’, these giving a contrast and adding the right balance to the whole.

Full of their now characteristic rhythmic synths and drums accompanied by the bright and unusual vocals this material will embark you on a midnight dream-pop adventure with influences of electro-pop, shoegaze, as well as lo-fi. 

What I enjoyed the most about it was that this compilation gives you a song for every mood: nostalgic, melancholic, hopeful, dreamful, it’s up to you to ’transport’ with them and find yours. Definitely a very promising Danish act, looking forward to their next one already. 

Outstanding tracks: Tokyo, Marseille, Saigon.  

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