Feel the atmosphere of upcoming SPOT Festival 2013 [CONCERTS, PLAYLISTS]

In May 2013 the city of Aarhus will become the most "hot" place on Earth when it comes to Danish (and Scandinavian) music, again. Why? Because from 3rd to 4th of May another edition of SPOT Festival will take place out there!

Good Because Danish is already counting down days and can't wait to share the news from this year's SPOT Festival with you all. For now we're trying to feel the musical atmosphere of 2013 edition. Two playlists full of the sounds from bands and artists that will perform this year in Aarhus - below. Enojy!

Line-up of the festival is so increadibly rich that choosing GbD recommendations is a very hard task, but that can only make us happy. It means that there will be A LOT of good (because Danish) music at SPOT Festival 2013!

SPOT Festival 2013 - Good Because Danish playlist no. 1


SPOT Festival 2013 - Good Because Danish playlist no. 2

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