Turboweekend - "On My Side"

Those from whom it all began (check out Polish version of the blog) - Turboweekend come back from the preview of their third album - the single "On My Side".

Turboweekend (source: dr.dk/p3)
The song has its live premiere on Wednesday, 25.04.2012, but from today it's officially aailable to listen to, to buy and... to like it.

If you were looking for a song similar to "Trouble Is" or other a bit mysterious and dark Turboweekend compositions from "Ghost Of A Chance", you won't get it. The same if you wanted a song in 100% holiday-style like "Now" or "Into The Pavement".

"On My Side"  has a little bit of an atmosphere of both those styles. Maybe it's more like the joyful Turboweekend songs. Anyway, the new single is more... powerful. It gives a positive kick. And it's a perfect musical option for those of you who need to believe in yourself in the morning and go fight the day. "On My Side" is your new morning soundtrack.

It's more joyful than on "Ghost Of A Chance", more guitarish (without any guitars), more light and confident. And it's a spring song. Not summer song - spring song. "On My Side" sounds interesting enough to makes us wait more and more impatiantlly for the new Turboweekend album. The premiere of the third record is announced for summer 2012. We're waiting and... litening to "On My Side". 
"Anything you're planning you can count me in, day or night I'll do anything"

You can listen to "On My Side" on the Danish radio P3 webside.

"On My Side" is also available to buy on iTunes --> HERE.

Official webside


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