Trentemøller - "My Dreams" (feat. Marie Fisker)

He produced tones of musical gems. However, he didn't lose the ability to balance between characteristic sound and freshness.

Anders Trentemøller released a new single - "My Dreams". The cover of The Gun Club song (here you can listen to the original track), with guest vocals by amazing Marie Fisker. The song nothing less than interesting... or even more.

To make an electronic song - nowadays you just need a computer and a good program to do it. Well, a little bit of any talent at all is needed too. BUT! To create an electronic song with its own soul, its own shape, its own character - this is a higher level of making music. The higher level in which Trentemøller can be a teacher to everyone.

"My Dreams" doesn't have much of the dark, deep compositions from Trente earlier albums. It's different. Lighter, a bit more... holiday-sound-like. It seems that Trentemøller decided to go in a slightly different direction this time. "My Dreams" is enough for me to follow him in this new musical journey.

"You cannot take my dreams"


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