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Finally a new band from Denmark which is ROCK and it's GOOD. And now it's time for a short ode to the Internet: oh dear Internet, thank you for Danish friends that post links to SUCH A GREAT bands on social media websides! The end. The end of writing, the beginning of a music that suppose to (of I should wrote: that has to) stick you in the ground. MACHINE!

Well, actually it's not the end of writing: one more thank you: THANK YOU Gimle- SOUND TJEK for such an amazing musical tip!!! You can find more of great tips on Gimle-SOUND TJEK Facebook page - check it out!

And now, finally, back to buissnes. To the music

MACHINE - a band that released debut album"Behind The Trees" at the end of last year.

Garage music with a glimpse of grunge. The echos of Nirvana ("Behind The Trees"). Deep, melodious vocal, that don't leave any doubts to it's power ("So Surreal"). And real, 100% REAL guitars. This is how the alternative rock with classical roots should sound like!

"Behind The Trees"

"So Surreal"

"From My Mouth"

"Almost Gone"


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