NEW IS COMING: Waldo & Marsha, Ida Gard, Scarlet Chives, You.You.You. [NEWS]

A LOT of new music came from Denmark this week, even though it's only Wednesday! We're very happy about it! Check out four new songs below and see if there's something for you out there (we're almost sure there is!).

Waldo & Marsha - Savannah
Their debut album "Zoo" is out now and here's a single - "Savannah".

Ida Gard - Beginners
New single for one of our favorite Danish singer-songwriters Ida Gard is here.

Scarlet Chives - The Timber Will Fall
This unique Danish band just announced a new album. Find the first sound of it on their SoundCloud.

You.You.You. - Trust No One
A "real" debut single of a band that cought me with their song "When You Fall" some time ago. Now is time for "Trust No One".

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