KIll J - "Phoenix" [ID, LISTEN TO IT!]

Holly shit (sorry)! Now this is something fresh and intriguing should sound like! KIll J is a new artist from Denmark. So far... well, that's all that we know about her - the nickname and the song "Phoenix".

The track starts. First seconds - wow, am I in the electronic forest and the robot-birds are singing? I'm listening further and there's the voice of a nymph from the future or the other Universe.

The music and vocals are spinning a very fragile spider web. I can almost smell the moisture of a night air in the woods connected by the vibrant electronic beat with the dust of the city. The spider web is enlacing me - very delicate, but very tight.

Suddenly I realize that I've been listening to "Phoenix" several times now and I can't stop... I want more and I hope that more from KIll J is coming - keep an eye (and ear) on her, because there might be something big and interesting coming from DK again!


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