VINNIE WHO - "Midnight Special" [REVIEWS]

This will probably be the shortest review in the history of Good Because Danish. But I can't wait 'til I finally stop dancing and sit down to write it properly. While listening to the new Vinnie Who album you simply can't stand still and tap at the keyboard. While listening to new Vinnie Who album you have to simply run to the dancefloor and dance your ass off! Now! Imidiately! 

"Midnight Special" - Vinnie Who second album shows that these young Danish musicians and their leader - they don't slow down. Catchy melodies, nostalgically reffering to the 80's plus the specific, thrilling and attractive vocal, and charm and chic... Vinnie Who is a recognizable brand now. Second album proves it. I'm leaving you with "Midnight Special" i and I'm going back to danceeeeeeeeeee!

Best recommendation is the openining number from "Midnight Special" - "The Wiggle"

Stream the whole Vinnie Who album "Midnight Special" 

Vinnie Who - "How Can I Be Sure"


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