Good Because Danish blog has 2 years - CONTEST RESULTS

Time to announce the winners of a birthday concerts, where you could win one of the 2 very special albums signed by the bands that you can see (a little bit :) ) on the photo below.

To do it, you had to answer the question what is the album from the photo (by givng the name of the artist and the name of the album).

It turned out that the task was easy only in 50%. Nobody from you had a trouble recognizing the record on the left  - Efterklang - "Piramida".
However, guessing what was the album on the right was a bit hard... but there we're people that got it right that it's Turboweekend - "Fault Lines". 

Lucky winners who will soon enjoy with their own copies of these albums are:
Efterklang - Piramida: Markús Gregorsson 
Turboweekend - Fault Lines - Lena Maksiak

Congratulations! Please send the address details, so we can send you the CD's. For those of you who didn't get lucky this time - we promise more contests soon!

Thanks that you check out (from 2 years now... maybe?) Good Because Danish blog! 

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