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Good because Danish Facebook fanpage exists under the name Dobre, bo duńskie since 14th of March 2011 and gained over 700 likes during that time. A little bit of bragging, but I'm super happy from every single person that clicked "Like!" 

Now it's time for changes!

It would be so super great, if each one of these wonderful over 700 people (and every new one that would like to join the group of "liking it!") made one small thing for Dobre, bo duńskie and --> click "LIKE!" on the new blog fanpage on Facebook, that's called
We're changing the name of the Facebook page for an English one, so it would be easier to find us online. But! The info will still appear in both Polish and English version (as it became and idea of this blog to spread the word about the Danish music to Polish people, as well as translate everything to English so all the others could understand).

After this a bit long post a summary and a kind request - short, brief and requiering a minimal effort from your side - and if you do it, you'll give me a huge reason to smile :)

LIKE THIS --> https://www.facebook.com/GoodBecauseDanish 

Soon there will be a lot of Danish things going on! On Facebook (where we update you with the Danish music news all the time) and here on the blog (where we were a bit quiet lately, but it will change!).

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