LET ME PLAY YOUR GUITAR - "Shoebill Garden" EP

New EP from Let Me Play Your Guitar. After well received debut album with dreamy, guiar melodies, Danes who want to play on your guitars are coming back with "Shoebill Garden" - 5-songs EP with a bit different songs than on the debut record. If you don't want to get beaten down by upcoming Autumn, definitely listen to "Shoebill Garden"! It works perfectly for the blues.

"Desert Song" - sound picture of something between happienes and oblivion. Positive "Anything You Want". "Sleepy Sharks" with rickety guitar tunes and stylish, almost musical-like piano in the background. "Moments" - Twin Shadow in the light version. At the end - the song "Sun" in the very acoustic version.

Let Me Play Your Guitar play very simple and classic in a way, but also - very characteristic. On the "Shoebill Garden" EP they take us on a journey that hits the ground running at the beginning, to gently slow down at the end. This EP is nice. Simply nice.


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