XOB - "Enchantments" EP [ID]


New duo on the Danish music scene (new as a duo working together as XOB): Exampler & Barbara Moleko. A little bit of soul, a little bit od r'n'b' with a dose of an interesting vocals and arrangements that are on one hand - very minimalistic, but on the other hand - very distinct. XOB. Let yourself to go for unusual musical trip around Copenhagen.

XOB recently released their first EP - "Enchantments". You can download it for free from a BandCamp page of the label SOUNDEsc:

Delicate "Intro", than musically buzzing in a cool way "Two Steps", a bit... funky? With grace and elegant piano sounds - combination of an atmosphere of the big fancy venue with a smoky little club. Sexy "My Prince", and at the end - my favorite, pulsating "CPH (It's The City)". I don't know if it's the city that is perfect for XOB music or did XOB make a perfect sounds for Copenhagen... Regardless the configuration, "Enchantments" EP sounds pleasant and gives hope for a good and interesting longplay.


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