INDIANS - "I Am Haunted" [LISTEN TO IT!]

Indians - "I Am Haunted"

Lazy summer afternoon? Dreamy holiday morning? An evening spent in the hammock? A walk along the side of the road in the hot day after unsuccessful hitch-hiking? Mindless staring at the sky? The song "I Am Haunted" by Indians is a perfect soundtrack to do or not-do all those things...  

Guitar, so addictive from the first chord, the voice coming from some far away, different Universe... the violin joining it all with grace.."Girl, I'm haunted"... You only need to listen to Indians song once, so "I Am Haunted" kept on coming back like a boomerang in various situations. Musical portrait of a dreamer globetrotter, sonorous record of a rain runoff on the glass... "I Am Haunted".

The song can be downloaded for free from Indians webside:

It's worth to listen to it! As well as other Indians song - "Magic Kids" 

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