LISTEN TO IT: Kúra - Gógó (Lulu Rouge Remix)
LISTEN TO IT - the music defend itself

"Dobre, bo duńskie" - Polish (and main) version of the blog and its author (which is me, writing these words for you Dear Reader) both will have a rough month in January. Wihout meaningless details - because of the many maaaany stuff to do there will be a new section on the blogs (both Polish and English version). The new thing is called "LISTEN TO IT".

What it is all about?
Sometimes one song can "stuck in your head" for a very long time. Sometimes, after you listen to just one song, you fell in love with an artist. The section "LISTEN TO IT" is devoted to such songs. Those songs which make other melodies dissapear for a while.

One song, (relative) short description/review/whatever you'd like to call it and a lot (a looot) of space for YOUR opinion.

I encourage you to: A. Listen to it! B. Comment C. Share your favorite songs with friends (the "Share" button should work fine). I hope that we will listen to the songs here with great pleasure.

The first one is a true masterpiece. 

Kúra - Gógó (Lulu Rouge Remix)

Pulse that beats in each beat from the first second - instantly pulls you on. You're waiting, waiting for what comes next, how will the pulse develop? Finally, when a fragile female vocal starts - it freezes you... "'Cause I will always love you, love you, love you, love you" - you hold your breath. And after (perfect!) pause - you take a new deep breath and you can sink in electronics from another dimension. Delicate, yet dangerous. Mesmerizing and disturbing at the same time. Remix-masterpiece!

Lulu Rouge: 
Dobre, bo duńskie: KOPENHAGA NOCĄ ODC 4

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