LISTEN TO IT: Belle Ville - "Opium"

Belle Ville - "Opium"

Electro-pop is alive and is going great! For example because of a duo Belle Ville. Their EP "Opium" has 4 songs. Tittled one "Opium" is a vibrating and... sexy composition that invite the listener to the world of electronic sounds with power and grace. Thumbs up for vocals! And a big "like"  for building the tention and using the silence in music.

Sensuality of the song is also a big plus. "Opium" is a bit like a girl on a first date - intriguing, showing some of her charms, but just a little bit! So the boy cannot say no to her and aks her for another date...

P.S. On their SoundCloud profile Belle Ville uploaded interesting remixes of "Opium" (for example the on by VETO vocalist).

You can stream the whole EP "Opium" on the Belle Ville SoundCloud profile:

Opium EP by Belle Ville

Official webside
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