VETO - you cannot veto this band!

(translation by Agnieszka Bolek)

The band VETO is a perfect proposition for those, who like mix of rock with electro music and (I guess I repeat myself, but nevermind) something, that I call "Danishness" due to lack of better term. It seems like this description introduces just one of many average indie electro-rock bands, but I'd definitely veto that kind of stigmatization in this case!  

The group, formed in 2004, consists of:   Troels Abrahamsen, David Krogh Andersen, Mark Lee, Jens Skov Thomse, Mads Hasager. They released their debut album in 2006 and in 2007 VETO already won two Danish Music Awards in categories: Best New Act and Danish Music Video for "We Are Not Your Friends".   

VETO - "We Are Not Your Friends" (by Peder Pedersen)

VETO has released three albums so far:   "There's A Beat in all Machines", "Crushing Digits", and "Everything Is Amplified". The last one was released in 2011.

"There's A Beat in all Machines" (2006), "Crushing Digits" (2008), "Everything Is Amplified" (2011)
Most of all VETO has solid sound with skillfully used electro elements. I admit that I wasn't blown away by the first album, what doesn't mean that it was bad. On the contrary! Such songs as "You Are A Knife" (single), or melanholic at the beginning and powerful at the end - "From A to B" , attract attention and show that VETO is the band with a great potential.

However album "There's a Beat in all Machines" was only a warm-up before the real BOOM! That is the second album entitled "Crushing Digits". Re-ve-la-tion!!! It was my first though after listening ten phenomenal tracks.
Strong sounds, powerful lyrics, forcible message. "Blackout", "Built to Fail", "You say yes, I say yes", or referring to album's title "Digits" - are track, which you cannot pass by indifferently. Not only because of melodic, clearly highlighted by the electronics, guitar riffs.
One of the biggest advantages of the VETO, in my opinion, is an ability of strengthening the message. Very intriguing lyrics aren't overwhelmed by music, but rather emphasized by it.
Album "Crushing Digits" ends with their most brilliant track, "Duck Husk & Be Still". It definitely varies stylistically from other tracks, it's slower, with more intense beat. Perfect for someone who just needs to 'fade away' and relax.

VETO's recent album called "Everything Is Amplified" is something completely new and it seems to me - different than their previous work. This album is... conceptual. The musicians had an idea for it.
Ten tracks create an integrity, which you should give a listen. Less guitars and screaming. More mystery... maturity, reflection about the reality that surrounds us - these are my first impressions after listening to "Everything Is Amplified". 
The whole album is attention-worthy. "Spun", "Am I Awake Or Should I Wake Up" (live) - impressive tracks. However one song made a remarkable impression on me. "This Is Not" - it is slightly pompous composition, BUT! not over the top. It is also a bit rebellious, but not annoying. Lyrics are rather sad and reflective but not depressing. The ideal proportions of everything you would expect from a mature, polished up track.

Final words sung by vocalist in "This Is Not" - "Lay your head down on your pillow" are very suitable for finishing this post. I encourage - "lay your head down on your pillow," and I add - listen, listen, listen. Totally worth it!

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