THE SHAKING SENSATIONS – post-rock with capital „P” as Pure beauty

The Shaking Sensations
(translation by Arletta Przynoga)

Today's post will be a bit different. My fascination with post-rock is one, but the knowlage about this genre of music is the other. It's hard for me to write about it. So I decided to leave it to those who probably knows a lot more about post-rock than I ever will. Because it would be a huge pity to ruin the post about such an amazing post-rock band from Denmark. People who knows a lot about this kind of music says that THE SHAKING SENSATIONS are "the ambassadors of Danish post-rock". Sure they are!

In 2010 five-piece band (Jeppe, Mads, Jakob, Jens, Christian) released an EP „This Is Your Hellfire Religion!”. This really unique album was a promise of something beautiful.  The beauty came this year – 2011. The LP „East Of Youth”.

"East Of Youth" LP
„Debut album, East of Youth, encapsulates everything that is good about anover populated genre with tracks like “Our Hearts Were Young and Gay” featuring heart-wrenching guitar work throughout which, while sparse, conjures up a variety of reflective emotions.
This is in stark contrast to album closer, “Homage to Boyhood”, which really
defines the bands heavier side. The track also showcases why the band have opted for two drummers perfectly, both rhythmically and in terms of the sheer wall of sound they manage to create.” (source)
Brilliant album!

In April 2010 the band came to Poland and played a couple of very good concerts (in Wrocław, Poznań and Piekary Śląskie). Their show in Poznań was trudly a very spiritual music experience (review in Polish).

That’s how post-rock portals and blogs describes The Shaking Sensations:
„Danish post rockers, The Shaking Sensations, is five young gentlemen playing dreamy and atmospheric instrumental rock. The band remain faithful to the genre itself and their universe evolve through elaborate build-ups and mesmerizing crescendos – somewhat simple melodies, which gradually turn into epic duels between life and death and finally culminate in a beautiful, often deafening, chaos. The motive power in the music is the contrast between the hushed and fragile on the one side, and the violent energy outlets on the other. The band has been together since 2005 and now resides in Copenhagen, Denmark.” (source)
Believe me – those nice Danish guys knows exactly how to create dreamy and atmospheric climate on their shows!

This post may seem a bit „raw” and without any emotions. But it’s only because the music of The Shaking Sensations affects me in a way that I can’t write even one proper sentence about them. Fury of feelings on one hand, a sweet wave of peace and calm on the other. They’re amazing! I don’t know if it becaufe of greatness of post-rock music itself or because of their own talent – you can judge it yourself. YOU HAVE TO LISTEN TO IT!

"This Is Your Hellfire Religion!" EP

The Shaking Sensations - Sheep on Fire (Part I) – it’s full of peace, but... there’s this something in it... something dangerously hipnotic.

The Shaking Sensations Things Like These Kept You Safe – those moments of pause. They are so tiny, but they create an atmosphere. And this increadibly emotional ending!

Glass Wings
– from their debut album „East Of Youth”, you can download it for free from their SoundCloud profile. This song reveals the true beuty of The Shaking Sensations music. Stunning, powerful composition.

Bandcamp page – here you can listen (and buy for 4 EURO) the EP "This Is Your Hellfire Religion!"

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