BON HOMME - "A Life Less Fancy" [ALBUM]

Bon Homme - is a name of solo project of Tomas Høffding (1/3 of Who Made Who). His album "A Life Less Fancy" has its premiere today. If you're looking for a dose of pleasant electronic music nicely mixed with pop influences - take a listen to it!

The single announcing the album - "Daybreaker" (feat. Lydmor) showed that Bon Homme album will be easy on us. Melodies on "A Life Less Fancy" are simple and relaxing, kind of a bit shy that they appear in a company of very strong, silver clear vocals. 

Bon Homme is sometimes a bit serious ("Under The Water"), sometimes playful with sounds ("Kiss The Wife Pick Up The Knife"). One thing is sure - the touch of good old pop music can be felt in every song (in different ways) and it's a good touch. 

Check out the whole "A Life Less Fancy" album, you can stream it for example on Spotify:

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