Recently, I had a pleasure to go to a great concert, which promotes the release of a new album “Heartbeat”. It is a piece of work of a singer-songwriter Benjamin Aggerbæk and his 16 equally talented friends. Apart from the fact that Aggerbæk is one of Copenhagens most well-known singer-songwriters, he also arranges several weekly singer-songwriter events in Copenhagen, where everyone can share their music and lyrics with the public. Those places with a great atmosphere are for example Cafe Retro or Blagads Apotek.

Benjamin is a musician with a wide portfolio of jazz songs, for which inspiration may have been his musical journeys to New York, Austin, Odessa and Austin. The album can be treated as the portrait of a musician's life on the road. 

One thing we have to admit, while listening to his songs is the fact that Benjamin is an undeniadable vocal talent and his bright and soft voice can be very pleasant for listeners ears.
This double album is a interesting composition as it presents "One Night in an Austin Studio", which is an acoustic version and "Heartbeat Orchestrated, same songs accompanied by orchestra, where Aggerbæk demonstrates a rare ability to handle the large format. 

On the album we can find various songs with a different character beginning from the pop/blues to more diversed songs with a horn section and strings. A good example of the last mentioned can be full of joy and swing “I will forget” or “Daydream”.

My favourite song on the album is “A fool”, which presents a wide range of Benjamin voice and his vocal skills.



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