Tako Lako

Spontaneous Balkan sounds, but straight from... Denmark? Yes! Almost in 100%. Tako Lako, a collaboration of Danish musicians and Serbian singer rocked the concert venues of the LEGO country, as well as the foreign stages for example in Great Britain (the band played at Glastonbury Festival in 2011!). A bit psychodelic gypsy music? Here you go! 

"The mix of the unknown, in the form of exotic tunes inspired by the Balkans, and urban dance genres from the bubbling underground, like dub, dancehall and afrobeat, has always been Tako Lako's trademark. The reason why the band has garnered so much success from this hybrid, is not because they've simply mixed traditional gypsy tunes with modern beats; rather, it's because they've shaped and composed everything in their own fashion from scratch" - Tako Lako Facebook 

Tako Lako' music amazes with vibration created by a tangle of sounds. The atmosphere of a gypsy celebration of life, of a flea market in a small village can be felt immediately, especially when the vocal join the music. Fun, crazieness and musical freedom of creation - what more could you want?

In August 2012 Tako Lako released their debut album "Through the Mud". However, the musicians have been well known and gain the popularity way earlier, because of their sensational live shows. Like the one they gave at Glastonbury Festival in 2011.


I got a chance to see Tako Lako concert at Smukfest 2012 and I found out myself that they know how to make the audience go wild! And by the fact it was a Scandinavian audience - which means a bit more calm and cold one (no offense!) - Tako Lako deserves a double bravo. See below how the band performed at Roskilde Festival in 2009 - they were pure fire on stage that time as well! 

World beat/folk/gypsy style... all of it presented with uncontroled spontaneity and musical skills on a very high level - Tako Lako is a perfect option for those of you who like Balkan sounds. The efect of combining them with Scandinavian austerity is at least - very intriguing... 

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