VINDAHL - "Head Over Heels" (feat. COCO) + "Sometimes" [LISTEN TO IT!]


Summer, sun, parties on the beach (the real on or the one made at the backyard or the rooftop). Colourful drinks, chillout and blissful laziness. In one word - paradise. Something good has to play in the background. Good, because Danish suggestion - Vindahl.
"Vindahl is a musician/singer/producer from Copenhagen, Denmark. He released his debut solo album 'Serendipity' in the fall 2011. 1/4 of the Boom Clap Bachelors and 1/2 of Ivory&Gold too" Vindahl's Facebook

For a lazy morning, for a delicate wake up... "Head Over Heels" with brilliant (as always) vocals from Coco (Quadron, Boom Clap Bachelors).

For a day and evening fullfiled with having fun among friends - viva the 90's! Can you feel the atmosphere of a little bit trashy (just a little bit!) but how lovely video clip to "Sometimes"? Can you feel your hips are bouncing? Can you feel summer, summer, summeeeeeeeer? :)


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