IGNUG: "Question" + "Alpha Male" [LISTEN TO IT!]


Four crazy Danes that combines club, pop and a bit hip-hop styles. If you like to bounce to the good beats and it's always a good thing for you to go party all night long - you should check out IGNUG. Crooked beats, crooked voices and from those crooked parts - unconventional mosaic.

*IGNUG played their goodbye concert at Lille VEGA on the 17th of August. But it's still worth to get to know them!

"Vacuuming" the 90's sounds, as well as associacions to boysbands/girlsbands/sweet bands of all kinds. So, what is so special in IGNUG? Well, it's the fact that they vacuum different musical oddments with the electronic broom of the newest generation, with an option to turn on "do the fresh mess and add some of the new-style rubbish"... if you know what I mean :) However, if this whole babble doesn't make any sense to you and you just want to listen to a cool music - chceck out "Question" and "Alpha Male".

"IGNUG can be categorised as Love, Chaos and Fantasy" (IGNUG Facebook) - the music that lives its own "street" life, the music with imagination. Check it, check it out!


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