MESCALIN, BABY - "SNOW" (cover of The Chemical Brothers) [LISTEN TO IT!]

Mescalin, Baby

In music everything is possible. Making a pretty powerful rock cover gem from a pretty minimalistic electronic gem - it is also possible. Danes from Mescalin, Baby proved it with their version of The Chemical Brothers "Snow". They did it pretty great!

The original song is very temperate, delicate, trembling. "Snow" - The Chemical Brothers. The cover is something totally different. A bit rough vocal, a bit like out of tune. The drums that stand on the ground strongly and make a concrete rhythm. Plus guitars, making the whole song sound energetic and rock. "Snow" in Mescalin, Baby version.

Boost of energy for a day of struggling with reality. A dose of strenght that runs down to you with cascads of sounds; it doesn't "hit you" just once, but spread its potential little by little to each part of your body. "Snow" in Mescalin, Baby version.


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