Taragana Pyjarama

Elektronic that makes you enter into a trance. Close your eyes, hold your breath for a moment, forget about everything, feel like the gravity was a far away memory. "LO NG" will help you to put yourself into such state of mind that will last LO NG.

"If anything, one of the best compliments I can pay "Tipped Bowls" is that it sounds like ten albums I've heard before, but there's no single album that sounds just like it. It is pretty, tinkly, swirly and feels as though it's all taking place in something the size of a petri dish-- disco for microbes, maybe" Mike Powell, Pitchfork 
"Lo Ng", Tipped Bowls' second single, is still every bit as luscious texturally, the swishing synths and aquatic bass achieving a sonic cohesion that feels like the result of water tension. But there's an economic, minimal rhythm bounce that's a new look (...)" Ian Cohen, Pitchfork

A lot of quotes here. It's because I kind of don't have words to describe what Taragana Pyjarama music is for me. There's too many too complex thoughts circling in my head, when I listen to "LO NG". Underwater worlds, dark spaces of sky with the full moon, echos of different, undiscovered universes... Taragana Pyjarama makes a person to flow away totally. Find out by yourself.

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