The guitar and the beat. Plus the verse: "crazy fool, I'm not in love with you, I'm not in love with you" - the verse that you start to humm as a sentence addressed to this song, but suddenly turns out into a line sang for hours in our head. From unlikeing to loving it - a Good, because Danish road to keep on re-listening to "Another You" by Sebastian Lind. 

He starts a bit flirtatiously "I don't care what you choose, I'm just bringing the offer to you". Than, along with the sound of a guitar and beat that are both so catchy, he sings along. It's nothing special, it seems like a "decent" song. After the first listening, I thrown this song to the trash. But it was keep on playing from there. I was walking around the trash with "Another You", I was checking it from time to time... I was thinking, maybe I should take it out and try again? Because it didn't want to leave me.

I took it out, I tried again - now: I listen to it one time per day minimum, everyday.

If you ever experienced heartbreak, breaking ups, coming backs... loosing the faith in yourself etc. - try to sing along "there's always another you" with Sebastian Lind. It helped me a bit, maybe it will help you too?

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