CHLLNGR - "Sundown" (feat. Coco O. Quadron) [LISTEN TO IT!]

CHLLNGR - album "Haeven" - song "Sundown" (feat. Coco O. from Quadron). And basicly - that's all folks. Magician, wizard of arranging the musical space... you can even say that he's a genious - in his own way. Let him put a spell on you, let these sounds tangle you, let the beat make you release almost the one last breath.

It all sounded a bit too sublime? Well, maybe. But "Sundown" is really simply a VERY good song. With a good rate, good beat, good vocals, good "atmosphere". CHLLNGR went straight to the top of my private chart of the best Danish electronic producers. Minimalism and characteristic style give the effect that pierce you through. That's what it's all about in good music, right? 


If "Sundown" pireced you thorugh, check out "Ask For" , as well as the whole album "Haeven", that got a pretty interesting review on Pitchfork.


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