The Raveonettes - "Observations"

The Raveonettes are working hard. The band, that celebrates its 10th anniversary of existance this year, gave us an EP "Into the Night" and two singles to listen to. Both songs are a bit more quiet and likable.
New The Raveonettes album - "Observator" - should be released in September 2012. 


Piano. The key to fell into this song. If you ever looked back at your life and made not only pleasant and satisfaing conclusions - you'll feel the track.

"She Owns The Streets" 

Echos of The Cure and Joy Division combined with a very old school video clip. "She's dancing in the streets" - light and delicate, dreamy, melodious. Much more calm and without the noise. New face of The Raveonettes.

Before the new album The Raveonettes released an EP "Into the Night". Read below what does Eric Shans from Nordic Spotlight thinks about it.


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