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Electronic of love - it can be done that way too. With a little bit of dubstep, with an interesting vocals. With an EP that sounds pretty, pretty good. ODD COLLECTION - PutUpAFight. 1/2 Stoffer & Maskinen in the new project. 

"The full story (in a short version)
The two members of Odd Collection met in a schoolyard at the age of seven. Raz (the strange, shy rambler) and Chris (the outgoing romantic) grew up in a suburb of Copenhagen and had a distinctive childhood dream in common – to make music out of love …and all of the above. And that is how they assembled an Odd Collection.
Though the peculiar connection became a life long attachment, the two childhood friends lost sight of each other, as time flew by. Twenty years past and Chris and Raz have rejoined and still match …or not. “Nothing has changed but everything is new!” - they keep saying. But one thing is for sure; Odd Collection was always here to stay" Odd Collection Facebook

I don't know why, I don't know how come, but my first thought after listening to the EP "PAUF" was: "much stronger, more heavier The Weekend". Well, maybe I know why. Because I think that. A music about feelings, but a kind of the music that can slightly blow up the walls sometimes.

The EP "PAUF" by Odd Collection can be downloaded for free from their webside:

PUAF// Ep by Odd Collection

Seemingly, everything starts calmly. "Complaints" - delicate beat, you know - the one you can sway to, the "radio friendly music"... until in the middle of the song the heavy dubstep beat starts to go wild and break you thrugh the ground! 

A bit more tranquil "Weekend Floor" and "5th Collection" are preceded by (in my opinion) the best song on the EP, the titled "PAUF", which is for Put Up A Fight. The track begins and you simply don't know what's going on with you. The world starts to spin around, the melody starts to spin around, everything's spinning around, is getting blurred and running away. Your head is conquered by the beat and all that is in your ears are the words: "I wish I could hide, but I don't want to disappear". 

If you like electronic from the sign of pop and dubstep, but the lighter one - check out Odd Collection.

Official webside

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