Welcome in 2014! If your New Year's resolution is to get to know more Danish music, VINTERTUR will help you make it happen on the very first day of this year! Musical younger brothers of Spleen United just released their new song "Coastal".

The track is a first one of VINTERTUR 2014 project, which is releasing an album. But! Not in an ordinary way! The group will share one song each month, with a new video clip and art works created especially for the music. January month's artist responsible for the art work is Samy Khabthani and the video is directed by Bobby Anwar.

"Coastal" definitely catches the attention and invites to follow the rest of the songs from the album. VINTERTUR vibrant sound makes you bounce along with the song. It has the power, the sharp musical shape, the rhythm. No matter how hangovered you are after the NYE parties, this will make you move (at least with your foot)!

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